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Night Dragon by TsaoShin Night Dragon :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 5,185 587 KH2-a flower seems not to be by egosun KH2-a flower seems not to be :iconegosun:egosun 15,009 1,417 SotS: Restless (comm) by 10yrsy SotS: Restless (comm) :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 178 28 Anthro Vernid Adoptable CLOSED by LiLaiRa Anthro Vernid Adoptable CLOSED :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 1,811 84 Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin by GENZOMAN Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,617 109 Couples On Ice by Konoira Couples On Ice :iconkonoira:Konoira 4,237 344
Need Female OCs for HAMATO HIGH!!
Yes you red right, I'd like you use your female OC's for a chapter in Hamato High!
And AND it's a very special chapter ....i can't say anything...😯😯😯😯😇😇😇😇
I need at least four girls. 
Preferably who like a turtle...idc which 😂😂
Rules for these OC's:
* Must be fully Okay with how i make them turn out in the chapter. 
They won't be villains, more or less fangirls who get a shot with the Hamato High Heartthrobs 

* Must have a reference picture or give full description of character's appearance 
And give bio and such, i will not use character if i don't get to know them

*You must be aware of how i write the stories, and what i plan to do with your OC. I could have something good or bad happen to them. I cannot take down chapter after it's posted if you don't like
:icontheartisticgoddess:TheArtisticGoddess 16 48
Raphael '16 by Inked-Alpha Raphael '16 :iconinked-alpha:Inked-Alpha 343 40 Let Me Just (comm) by 10yrsy Let Me Just (comm) :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 150 33 Where did THAT come from? pg-6 by Ryu-Amio Where did THAT come from? pg-6 :iconryu-amio:Ryu-Amio 73 25
TMNT - Uptight
       “Again,” Leo barked angrily.
       They’d been training for hours in the dojo. They were all sweating profusely and their legs felt like jelly from repeating so many katas. His brothers stared at him warily. Leo’s shoulders were tensed and his mouth was set in a thin line. They knew he was stressed about their most recent run in with the Foot and had been acting uptight and moody since. It was really starting to grate on Raph’s nerves.
       “No Leo, not again,” Raph growled, tossing his sai’s behind him and lunged at the young leader. “I’m done with your shit Leo.”
        Leo’s eyes widened as Raph crashed into him, pinning him to the ground. Leo’s swords clattered on the floor just out of reach. Raph’s eyes flashed dangerously as he balled his hand into a fist. Leo struggled against him, but Raph’s s
:iconjaboon:Jaboon 113 37
Feelings Part 20
Title:  Feelings Part 20
Pairing: Leo/Raph
Rating: M/16 (Don’t make me ask for your ID)
Contains: Angst, T-cest, mature content, feels (if you no like, don’t read)
By: Ryu-Amio (I own no turtles)
I’m sorry…
I’m sorry…
I’m so sorry…
Those were the only words that filled my head.
Each time my katana would rend his flesh… I’d feel it.
Every cut, every bruise, every drop of blood… I felt it all…
When his blades would pierce my flesh, all I saw was the pain in his eyes…
After a battle that lasted so long that the life had begun to leak out of us…
at the end of it all I was left standing… and my brother lay defeated before me…
His sai… now broken and scattered, proved enough to prolong our agony…
Standing atop his broken body… I raised my blade to deliver the final blow.
“Do it Leonardo! To res
:iconryu-amio:Ryu-Amio 41 65
Just the two of us... Part 1
Just the two of us... Part 1
Pairing Leo/Raph
Rating: M/18 (Don’t make me ask for your ID)
Contains: Angst, T-cest, mature content,(if you no like, don’t read)
By: Ryu-Amio (I own no turtles)
“Hey…You’re spacing out again…”
“oh… sorry…”
In truth I wasn’t…
I was listening...
This is the first time Raph and I have had any time alone together since… since we’ve decided to see how far these feelings will take us…
As I try to loose myself beside him, quietly trying to enjoy his presence as we watched the flickering of the TV screen in this, a rare day where we had the whole Lair to ourselves, I couldn’t help but feel that at any moment, our family will return, and I must relinquish his shoulder as my headrest.
“…don’t worry. We’re careful.”
:iconryu-amio:Ryu-Amio 106 31
TCEST - Chef Leo
Warning: TCEST 
Pairing: Leo & Raph (Don't like? Don't read!)  
Summary: Leo tries to cook and burns up the kitchen  
Ages: Leo - 24, Raph - 23     
Author Note:
Turtles are not biologically related
        Raph woke up slowly, letting the peaceful whir of the pedestal fan filter into the remnants of his dream and bring him to full consciousness. The realization of how nice it was not waking up to a blaring alarm clock crossed his drowsy mind as he stretched and enjoyed the satisfying popping of his joints. He yawned widely and rubbed away the sleepiness crusted at the corner of his eyes.
        It was too dark to see anything in his bedroom until his eyes adjusted, but even before they did he could tell Leo wasn’t sleeping next to him anymore. It wasn’t surprising, Leo always wok
:iconceruleanbound:CeruleanBound 80 49
Leo was awake.
He was awake and he was smiling, despite his weakness.
He would heal and he would be alright.
Raphael watched, from a few feet away, as Donnie gave their oldest brother yet another checkup, talking about the damage done, about healing times, about this and that and it all turned to white noise in his ears.
With infinite patience, Leonardo sat on the couch, answering whatever Donnie would ask him, smiling reassuringly at the youngest, at April, even managing a small grin for Casey.
When steel-blue orbs rose to find his, Raphael dropped his gaze away and off to the side, unable to meet his brother's eyes.
April blurted about Raphael's vigil at Leo's side and the automatic reply came before he even thought about it. “Eh, it was nothing.”
Leonardo kept his eyes on Raph, noticing the way he tensed, obviously feeling his eyes on him. He smiled.
“Still. Thank you, Raph.” And his brother only tensed more, lips thinning out, giving a stiff shrug.
:iconblackdragon-sama:Blackdragon-sama 117 23



Water Alien - Lunuco
Hey! This is a OC Species of mine called a Lunuco. Lunuco's are small, water aliens that are most-commonly found in large pods of the same species.  They travel this way as a form of protection, camouflage, and familial bonding. The turquoise stripes that adorn their bodies can light up as a warning to large predators.

Hi! I did something not Turtles! Wow, surprise! Actually, that really is a surprise for most people who know me, but, you know, life. So, this picture is a practice on lighting and shading. I have had a lot of, er, interesting times with FireAlpaca and their brushes and tools to do this. Either way, I wanted to ask you guys if you could give me some feedback on this picture. Any advice would be great, as I'm not too familiar with shading and lighting using FireAlpaca and an Intuos Pad. 

The Lunuco Species is MY OC. Please do not copy or use it without permission. Thanks!
TMNT Chibis 1 - Mikey and Maleigha
Hello! I had a lot of fun making this cute little picture! The only thing I can't agree on with myself is the background and the shading. However, experimenting never hurts!

Maleigha is MY Original Character from the Saatchi Sisters. Please do not use her or any of my other Original Characters without MY permission.

Daniella Saatchi
Daniella is the third oldest of my Saatchi Sisters Collection! She is the brains and engineer/inventor. However, she's also EXTREMELY shy! 

I got a Intuos Pad for Christmas! Woot! Daniella is the first thing I have drawn with my new Intuos Pad, and she actually didn't come out too bad. I'm surprised with myself, although how it turned out is not what I had in mind, but, oh well! I hope you guys like!

The Saatchi Sisters are MY Original Characters and were never, and probably never will be, apart of any TMNT Universe. Please do not steal or use any of my Original Characters without permission.



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I have been an artist for quite a while. I mostly draw TMNT and whatever comes to mind.


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